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Toxic Coworker: Sexist, Bigoted Nasty Ass Thief


Jason RawrHey RHUers, this is Shrinking Violet again.

The last time I wrote in was about 2 years ago and quite a few things have happened in the Grocery store where I work...

Our front end manager got sent to another location and was replaced by a super nice lady (Owly), one of the front end supervisors was promoted to Front End Management and decided to accept a transfer to another store, and we changed our brand/look. As usual, there have been new coworkers and new headaches.

One of these headaches is a guy I am going to call Otter, because otters can be total assholes. Most of my coworkers either hated Otter or just straight up disliked him for various reasons: he scanned too quickly and wasn't careful with customers items, didn't help the people bagging for him, and he was incredibly crude. So for your reading pleasure, I present two stories that show how bad he really is. I apologize for the length!

Story One: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Right before Christmas, I was bagging for Otter when a couple comes though our line. The lady was wearing a stylish and mid-length trench coat, they were buying ice cream/gelato, they were friendly and things were going well until the lady mentioned that she was feeling emotional.

Carolanne cover mouthOtter responds by replying: "That's because you're a woman," and chuckled creepily.

She pauses for a moment before she responded by glaring at him and telling him that she was pregnant, then her husband said that he should be ashamed about saying such things out loud. The husband then goes on to point that both the cashier in the next lane and I were female, so Otter was also offending us.

They pay, I give them their bags (as well as an awkward smile/apology) and they go on their way. The next ten or so minutes are spent with me trying to explain to Otter that he had been very misogynistic between customers and failing due to his ignorance.

An hour or two later he is gone, so that night's Front End Supervisor Dove (there's a theme here) pulls me aside and asks me about the incident. I relay what happened and she explained that the husband had called in to complain about how rude he had been. She promised that he would be talked to about it and thanked me for being honest about the fact that I had also been offended.

The story should have stopped there, but both Otter and I worked the next day... so guess what the first thing did to me when I started bagging for him?

He complained about how he had gotten in trouble for something he thought was no big deal, WITH a customer standing right in front of us while the store was busy.

The current customer also happened to be one of my extended family members. -_-


Freddy crosseyedStory Two: Rumor Has It

This one is a little shorter and has a happy ending, too!

Last week, Owly emails all of the Front End to see if any Cashiers could pick up some shifts we needed covered... and not just one or two; multiple shifts spanning over the next two weeks since schedules are put out two weeks in advance.

This means that either someone is really sick/injured or they got fired, so when I worked next I talked to a middle aged cashier I will refer to as Red. She had no idea about what has happened but was also wondering what was going on.

The next person I asked was my brother BFG, and he told me that Otter had been fired for stealing sushi. Upon hearing that I went over to our friend Fish while she was at the Service Counter and told her, to which she replied that Otter was only suspended. I told Red what I knew and then over the course of my shift I asked a couple of other coworkers what they heard, but no one knew for sure so I dropped the subject.

Later Red comes over to me and informs me that she had asked Dove, who told her that Otter was gone for good. It turns out that he got caught after stealing sushi multiple times, had to go see Loss Prevention and "quit" because he was getting fired. This meant obviously that not only was he no longer working for the company, but he couldn't be hired again. Now I have one less coworker related headache and morale has improved a little now that Otter is gone.

May your coworkers not be sexist bigoted thieves,

--Shrinking Violet



Sales Agent Guy

I'm glad they got rid of him! At my store, we have several co-workers who need to go, but they haven't been fired yet...

Account Deleted

Otter responds by replying: "That's because you're a woman," and chuckled creepily.

"And you can't help being an asshole, being a man and all." Then again, he strikes me as the type of guy who would be scared of a woman who had balls bigger than his brains.


Sales Agent Guy; at my last job, we had several like that, and I asked one of the managers why. (Knew him as a friend, so I wasn't asking officially, and made sure it was where nobody could overhear) He said it was because every so often the main office would say 'fire exty people / percentage', and rather than trim the dead branches early and be forced to lose useful people, he kept them hanging around so they could be booted safely.

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