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Carolanne fuck you1From: gertrude_and_eleanor

Sorry, it's rant time, about my Worst Coworker Ever.

My Worst Coworker Ever is constantly trying to get time off. Currently, she only has two shifts a week.

In the past she took a whole month off with barely any warning when she was working five shifts a week, and guess who had to cover most of them? Yours truly.

After her vacation she comes back and decides to get a second job.

Sure, okay, but now she can't work her regular shifts from before her vacation and began asking me for my shifts because they apparently work better with her new schedule. These are also the prime server shifts. Like, the best time for tips possible. I told her that I couldn't afford to give them up but I'd be happy to cover a day or two for her until she can make a schedule work for both places.

So I'm working more shifts again, and she's angry I didn't give her my shifts. At this point, I work every day of the week between both of my jobs, sometimes as many as 3 shifts a day between them both.

The other job apparently didn't work out for her, as she is always talking about how she calls in sick because she doesn't want to go in. I think this is REALLY rude and well... what's the point of a job you won't work at?

So she quits... in the worst way possible by just not showing up again. At this point she's looking for new work, and finds it quickly, but again, her new shifts aren't compatible with our schedule and like the last one, she gives us no notice. Again, she asks for my good shifts as if my answer can change; but I just bought a car... I don't have disposable income. Because I won't give her my shifts, she refuses to do her own. "It's not worth it if I can't do your shift too." (I'm thinking... dafuq?) So guess who has to do doubles now? This girl.

The manager is making it work for her, and doesn't challenge her or make her be responsible. She is also related to the manager. Because of how busy she is, she is now down to two shifts a week, which brings us to the cause of my rant:

Coworker hellMonday she asked me to cover her shift tonight. She had said "It's okay if you can't," and since it's my close friend's birthday party and already my day off, I say no. Yesterday? Sure. Next week, same day? Why not. Today? Not gonna happen. Why? Because I'm driving the birthday boy to his party.

Today, being the day she asked me to cover... and after she asked the others... she texts me this AM saying she's puking and sick. I wonder if she's forgotten just how many times she's told me she uses the excuse "puking" to get out of shifts. Despite this, and the knowledge of it, generally I'd help her out thinking she'd help me out later. She doesn't really do that, I've learned.

So what do I say? NO. I remind her I already said I couldn't.

Immediately after that, my boss texts me; my boss doesn't get involved unless it's something like someone working being violently ill. In the food service business, "puke" is the flag word that automatically gets someone out of their shift... it's a real health hazard.

[Related side note: I remember a time that this same coworker had called our boss while in the back (I had been doing a management fill in roll for the evening) saying she's vomiting constantly and that I wouldn't let her go home. This was after she asked me to leave early and I told her if it was quiet, then yes. It wasn't quiet. I spent most of the rest of the evening having a very confusing argument with my boss because the coworker had told her that "she was puking" when she was fine. She didn't give me a heads up, just threw me under the bus. Even so, I didn't rat her out.]

Back to the story at hand:

My boss' message was asking me to work. That no one else could cover the shift. That's code for everyone but me ignores their phones on purpose or just said no.

I tell her I have plans, and she just says please, no one else can.

Jason fuck youI guess I snapped? I've never reported anything against a coworker to a boss. I just let shit slide. I rant to my BF when I get home, but never to a boss. Normally I don't think it's worth it.

That's when I respond with, quote: "[Boss], it's my friend's birthday party. She asked to cover this shift on Monday, and I said I couldn't. Now all the sudden she's sick, when no one volunteers?"

My theory is that I (a) made the boss suddenly realize my coworker's deception and she handled it maturely, (b) offended my boss by assuming she wouldn't know if the coworker is sick, or (c) made an enemy out of my coworker because my boss freaked out on her for possibly lying to her.

There are more possible outcomes but I don't want to think about it. This happened earlier today (like over 12 hours ago) and I haven't heard anything since. I'm pretty sure I just made an enemy but I don't care, I'm sick of it. She's rude enough as it is and constantly goes on about how she's looking out for herself and how no one else matters and blah blah blah.

I have never worked with someone so rude and selfish before.

/end rant


UPDATE: To make it easier to understand, here's a quick thingy ma-bob. "Worst Coworker Ever's" sister is CW2; the male coworker that I had previously mentioned her being rude to is CW3; and new girl is CW4.

Anyways... So today was supposed to be my shift with Worst Coworker Ever and I was preparing for a confrontation. I was speaking with CW3 about how he handled her being so rude to him... and it turns out he covered her shift last night! I was shocked. I had been completely under the impression that he wouldn't bend.

Freddy hang myselfHe did it so I wouldn't end up missing my friend's birthday party even though it screwed up his, his wife's, and his parent-in-laws plans all at once.

He also accused our "sick" coworker of pretending in order to not have to come in just like I did. Turns out, sure enough, she wasn't sick... she had just skipped town and thought the barf line was good enough. CW3 freaked out on our boss with a fury that I was not on the same level as, but still came in. (I owe him homemade cookies for his bravery!)

After he goes home today, (about fifteen minutes after I get to work) I am fully preparing myself for hell to rain down upon me like the fury of Thor, and I'm ready to fight back if need be. Then, CW4 shows up. Confused, I ask, and turns out Worst Coworker Ever ;STILL hadn't come back into town for the second of her ONLY two shifts this week. I'm pissed. How is this possible?

No one actually knows where in the state she is right now, not even her sister, CW2.

At the end of my shift, CW2 is yelling into the phone, causing a ruckus and is seriously breaking the vibe of the restaurant. TURNS OUT "The Worst Coworker ever," HAS QUIT!

Now we just have to cover the vacation for a coworker she was supposed to do... again screwing us over... but for the last time!




Account Deleted

"It's not worth it if I can't do your shift too."
Your logic is illogical and confusing. Please elaborate, so I may try to understand your convoluted ways of thinking.

"I wonder if she's forgotten just how many times she's told me she uses the excuse "puking" to get out of shifts."
Pro-Tip, never use the same excuse over and over to get out of work. Seriously, if I was told repeatedly a co-worker is vomitting every other day or week when it's their shift, I'd tell them they are immediately on Unpaid Vacation Due To Health Issues and they should head to a doctor immediately, because frequent vomitting like that CAN'T be good for someone and I wouldn't be able to have such a person on my payroll.

"TURNS OUT "The Worst Coworker ever," HAS QUIT!"
I guess skipping town is one of the more... obvious... ways of quitting.

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