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Women Reveal The Sexist Questions They've Been Asked at Job Interviews


Gender inequality is alive and well, and nowhere does this seem to be as apparent as it is in the workplace. Employment law firm Thomas Mansfield asked graduates from 20 British universities to share the most bizarre and offensive things they’ve ever been asked whilst applying for jobs. Many of the women’s responses show that sexism is very much alive some workplaces.

Sexist questions asked of the women include whether they would be willing to flirt with customers as part of the job, if they are planning on having children and intimate details about their periods.








Account Deleted

PMT? ...isn't it called PMS? Also, I would answer those questions but also point out how inappropriate they are to ask. (I'd probably make people who like flirting at work hate me cause I do not condone office romances - at all. Keep that shit separate.)


google! tell me what PMT means!

urban dictionary says pmt= Pre-Menstrual Tension

i guess that's what they call it in Europe?

still, a very inappropriate question. that would be like asking a man if he has erectile dysfunction.(because that would make him more stressed out at work.)


The UK calls it PMT, I prefer it but either does the job.

Account Deleted

Ah. Tension? I wouldn't say I'm tense before having my period. Then again, this just goes back to the old idea of women being instable, emotional basket cases. But yeah, asking a guy if he gets erections at work and whether that incapacitates his work is a decent retort question.

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