Vacant Store Signage: No Massage Here
Customer Service Comebacks: ...Because Glorifying A Molester Through Media Is The Christian Way?


Account Deleted

Excuse me, but I DON'T understand these pictures. Are you mocking their way of hiding or angry at it? Because if there ISN'T a place you can hide something well, you work with what you have. How about you make sure to be at home when they deliver or ask them to deliver it to your work so you can take it home from there?


I'm almost positive that most of these are plants done by the person taking the picture. Maybe some of them have been done by the FedUPS guys having to follow policy, but there's way too many of these for them all to be real.

Tech Support Survivor

I have no faith in those delivery places. Ordered a laptop online. Was home, had a working doorbell. The laptop was left on the front step without ringing or knocking. (unless they did the whole light tap so pathetic you couldn't hear it).
Good thing I saw something in the driveway and looked out. They were gone by then, thankfully my laptop wasn't as well.


TT, once upon a time I would have thought the same until I came home to a similar incident, including the door mat draped over the rather large box.

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