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Dumbass Coworker Hell: Cry Bullshit For The Weakest Excuse Ever


Carolanne ugh reallyFrom: Antonmommy

When I worked at a grocery store we had a newbie girl that was trained on the checkout. She was a bit slow but that's ok, it happens.

The kicker was one day she calls in saying that she cannot show up to work. Her mom is busy and she isn't allowed to take any other mode of transportation (i.e.-taxi or even a ride from the manager).


Let that sink in. Old enough to work, but 'not allowed' to get a ride from anyone else? 

Needles to say she quit her job the following week.




Account Deleted

Someone needs to put their foot down on what the limit of "independence" is. I WOULD say has either of them never heard of public transport, but I keep hearing that public transport is terrible in most of the USA.


In our (granted, rather small) city, we have one cab company with two cabs, and they're minivans. No bus, no trains, not even any other cab company. Oh, and half the sidewalks are crap. Goodness knows I've tripped over more than my share of sidewalk chunks.

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