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Hellspawn Gets Instant Karma


HellspawnFrom: torlad

I used to work as a cashier at a retail store. As I'm walking around my aisle straightening up merchandise, a lady and her son are waiting in line at a checkout line (not mine).

The son has on a pair of heelys (shoes with small wheels in the heels) and is running up and down in front of the checkout lanes as fast as possible, then rolling on his heelys.

Now the mom seemed like an incredibly soft spoken individual, and was softly saying things like, "<sons name> please come here," "stop doing that" etc etc.

The kid was having none of it, completely disregarding his mom like she wasn't even there. I can see the mom getting irritated, and finally she snaps and yells, "<sons name> get over here RIGHT NOW!!"

Kid just responds with an equally as loud "NO!!!" and proceeds to take off on another sprint.

Right across from the checkout lanes are shopping aisles, and this kid decided to run a little closer to that side this time as to avoid his mom as he rode by her.

Cue a little old lady pushing her cart from behind one of those aisles. The kid doesn't even have time to put his hands up before he smacks face first into this cart.

It had some heavy stuff in there because this kid was MOVING and the cart barely moved at all as he face-bounced off, and landed flat on his back.

It was something that should have been in a 3 Stooges film.

The carts were the plastic ones with the small diamond shaped patterns, and the kid came running back to mommy, crying hysterically, with a red imprint of the cart on his face.


Do It Like Corporate Wants, And Damn The Laws Of Physics!


Uniform FreddyFrom: Varanid

I always get told to do something that defies the laws of physics, then get chewed out for my workaround.


No mannequins left for a new display? Take care of the problem, but don't take any from any other department!

The store doesn't have the square feet to set up the display corporate wants? Figure something out, we don't have time to solve every little problem for you!

In our case, the aisles of the store were about 6′ shorter than the aisles used in planograms, so you never had enough room… We used to use endcaps to make up some of the difference but then the District Manager blew a gasket.