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Cake Mistakes: This Is A Crucial Time In A Young Weber's Life...

RHU Themes For The Month of July



All right RHU, it's summer and it's a new month. Time to fire up the old story themes again!

Rudest Custy Encounters: We all have had our share of crustys and custys.... now it's time to look back and find your rudest, most obnoxious little whining bag of entitlement and share it with the rest of us! It can be a short blurb about the custy who treated you like their personal shopping assistant, or it could be a long string of bad behavior that you had to suffer through for hours.

CRAZYBITCHCALLINGDumbass Coworker Hell: Time to rant about those idiotic coworkers who often make doing your job a frustrating challenge. We want to hear your funniest tales about these folks who often make us wonder how they get up in the morning!  

Crazy Custys Calling: Customers on the phone.... oh Thrognar, the customers on the phone! It doesn't matter if they ask for directions and ignore your advice, want you to shop for them while they're on the phone, or just have a phone plastered to their ear while you ring their products up. If it's a customer who is on the phone, it's a story to share!


Picture Themes

CAKECake Mistakes: Whether they get the message wrong, create something too terrifying to approach in order to eat it, or just flat out made a mess and tried to pass it off as what you ordered, share with us some of your worst pictures of cakes.

Shopping Carts Gone Wild: An old popular theme from years gone by: shopping carts in strange places or in odd positions. Did our old pal Cartie wake up drunk and face down on someone's lawn? Did someone use him as a garbage can? Is his rotting corpse rusting away in a ditch somewhere?

Ice Cream Hell: From sketchy ice cream trucks to those Popsicles that are supposed to look like Mickey Mouse but somehow came out like his derpy brother, send us your ice cream related pictures!

Send your stuff to:

We'd also love to hear from you if you have an idea for a future RHU theme!



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