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Scary Smart Car Test: Journalist Drives 2014 Jeep and Hackers Are Able to Take Complete Control of It


From Viral Viral Videos:

We all love our brand new smarter cars that are often able to connect to our smart phones and even the Internet. Now, we never have to leave the Internet behind even when we’re on the road. But there’s a downside to our new interconnected world. It may be surprising to learn, but now most modern day cars are susceptible to being hacked. WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg bravely took the wheel of a 2014 Jeep while his friends hacked nearly every aspect of the vehicle miles away over the Web. 







Well this is fucking terrifying... somebody could murder a whole bunch of people and it would be ruled as accidents or "inconclusive" if nobody knew what to look for... D:


Given how computer controlled these modern cars are, I'm not surprised. And yeah, the easiest method possible for "accidents" would be to disable brakes, go wide open throttle, and use the parking assistance to steer left. Either you hit a guard rail or you go into oncoming traffic. Really scary shit.

This is why the car companies need to keep internet-accessing systems 100% isolated from the rest of the car. Sure, let people have their media, radio, GPS, cellphone connection, bluetooth, and web browsing, but make sure there's no way in hell that if that system's breached that it can do anything more harmful than mess with your climate control.


It gets worse. No Internet access required:

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