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Back To School Dress Code Drama: School Sends Letter To Parents Banning Their Daughter's Wonder Woman Lunchbox



From Boing Boing:

Not sure if it's the scary-looking lasso or the ass-kicking red boots, but a school on Mainstreet, USA banned this dangerous Wonder Woman lunchbox from campus. Said school sent a letter to the lunchbox-toting owner's home, telling her parents that their daughter can't bring "violent images" onto campus. Sheesh. Here is the letter, brought to us by themarysue.com:


Good thing my daughter chose a solid color for her lunchbox this year!


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Account Deleted

OmG! Wonder Woman has... has breasts! And muscles!
I might understand not letting a... Walking Dead lunchbox or so... hey, can we ban Batman, Superman, (Insert)man and Barney the Dinosaur lunchboxes? They all have muscles and use violence. Well, 'cept Barney. But he's obnoxious, so let's ban him, too.

Frank Iannetta

Hmm, no last name (I've never gotten a letter from any school with just my first name), name of school and signature obscured, and the single post was deleted from reddit. Who brings a metal lunch box to school anymore? Snopes lists it as undetermined, but I don't believe it.

Account Deleted

I would ask the luncbox thing myself, but maybe they are still big in America or whatever. I recall majority of the food I ate at school during breaks either came from the school-kiosk or from a bakery I passed on my way to school.

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