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Dumbass 2From: WhatTheFawkesSay

I work at a grocery store which won't be named. I've been there a couple years and the longest out of anyone else currently working at my location.

We had one of our coolers catch fire/burn out so we took everything out of the adjacent coolers to have them checked out too. Putting everything back in a couple days later, items were placed in different places than they were removed (freedom of display).

So anyway, a customer brings a couple big bags of fancy marinated chicken fajita meat (or something) up to the register and checks out. Before paying, she wants to verify the price on the chicken.

I begrudgingly oblige since she has a history of being a difficult customer. She then proceeds to tell me it's not the correct price and that it's supposed to be roughly half of what its ringing up.

I tell her that I would go check it out while she gets her payment form ready (time is money people). So I casually walk to where the item is located and look at the price. Yep, its ringing up correctly. She had looked at a sign above it (the chicken stuff was literally like a slot over from where it was, we hadn't moved the signs yet) and assumed thats what it was. So I go back to the register and tell her it's ringing up correctly.

Freddy tiltWoman: "Well the sign says its $3.99 and it's ringing up $6.99"

Me: "Sorry ma'am the sign says its $6.99 and the sign for another product was right next to it for $3.99."

Woman: "That's being deceptive, I demand this product for $3.99."

Me: "I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that. If you had read the signs you would have seen that our coolers are mostly empty because we had a fire and are just now getting everything back in them..."

Woman: "You're being deceptive, this whole company is trying to steal from everyone."

I hate being interrupted and being falsely accused of stuff, "Ma'am, if a carton of eggs is under a sign for .89 but says 'Snickers bar,' you don't get to pay .89 for eggs. The sign was for some beef product, not CHICKEN which you have here. Now I can take it off if you'd like, but you're not getting it for $3.99 because you choose to not read the words on the signs."

She looked like she was going to continue arguing with me until the next 3 customers each made a remark about her. She then dug exact change out of her purse in the lowest possible forms. $1 bills and pennies.

I don't care if she ever comes back.




Account Deleted

The remarks by the other customers was unnecessary. I would've lookeed at them and hissed. This is a 1 VS 1 deal - Customers VS Cashier.


Not if this woman is slowing the queue down with her stupidity. She became public enemy when she got huffy in her ignorance. I would do it myself, I don't have much patience with stupid customers when I am not being paid to be.

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