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Entitled Custy Hell: Even If You're Dying Of Starvation, I Expect You To Help Me First!


Entitled custiesFrom: Tomato_Ketchup

It's 2 PM on this day, and I am starving. I am just coming back from the fast food joint down the street and I am walking towards the break room with my food in hand.

I'm hoping to enjoy a quiet, peaceful lunch to re-energize myself so I can continue dealing with the endless waves of snarky customers that my workplace is notorious for attracting.

As I am getting to the door, this blonde woman, around her 50s, begins to follow me (I can feel her following me) and she begins to do that "pssst!" noise that is so fucking annoying. She continues about three times or so but I ignore her, since, you know, I am not a fucking dog or anything. After she realizes that I am not going to react to her summons, the conversation goes a little something like this:


Me: Oh sorry ma'am, I am on break right now. But let me get one of the other employees to help you out.

At this point I begin to reach for my walkie talkie to call someome to the aisle for help, but she isn't having any of it.

Woman: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! I will NOT be treated like this! I am a valued customer and I demand to be treated as such! You will provide your service to me RIGHT NOW and that is THAT! No questions asked!

WolfshopperaMe: Ma'am, I would be happy to help you but my lunch break is only 30 minutes and--

Woman: I don't give a shit! I don't care if you're starving! The customer always comes first!

At this point, I didn't even retaliate. I just turned around and ignored her as I walked into the break room with my key and shut the door behind me. She began to angrily pound on it for a few seconds until she finally stopped, presumably because a co-worker came to the rescue.

I later found out that she complained to the manager, and of course the manager simply brown-nosed her and told her that I would be "dealt with" as an employee should "never refuse service to a customer" even if they are on break.

This supposedly applies even if I call an employee over the walkie for help.

Honestly, I am just venting. I am getting sick and fucking tired of this company and the management. Especially the customers though.




Account Deleted

Could be he was just lip-servicing her. Also, can't these people look for someone else? Unless you're the only person visibly on the floor at that moment, go look for someone else.


If anyone treated me, as a member of staff on break, the way that evil bint treated you I would get the sack. I'd deserve the sack. I'd still make it worthwhile for the conviction I'd get for assault and battery.

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