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Carolanne droidFrom: yuna1881

I worked at an EB games (long time ago) and got this cool PS2 lanyard that I kept on my keychain just because I liked it.

I was at a Linens & Things standing at the register waiting to check out, the cashier for whatever reason had to leave the register for a second during my transaction (can't remember maybe a price check or something).

While I'm waiting for her to come back I hear the woman standing in line behind me start making impatient sighs and groans until finally I get a hard tap on the shoulder and she says, "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to ring up my items?"

I was so startled and finally told her I didn't work there to which she replied, "Of course you work here; I can see your keys."

I was so confused I held up my personal keychain with my apartment and car keys on it and my PS2 logo lanyard. Before I could say anything to her the cashier came back, apologized to me and finished ringing me up the woman in line behind me just looked pissed as I walked out the door.

Another time I was at a Target with the same keychain I was looking at video games and some kids asked me if I could open the locked cabinet for them...

I suppose people see a lanyard and automatically assume you are an employee??





I have yet to decode what makes some people think you work at a store when you're just shopping. I can have a full cart of groceries, wearing coat, and looking through an ad and still get mistaken for an employee. Maybe some people just ask anyone in a 20 foot radius and hope they get lucky... Next time I'm going to ask them what makes them think I work there; I really want to know.

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