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EntitledbitchFrom: Donna

A few times, I walked into our back room to find a customer looking at the boxes. They would then claim "the manager" said it was OK to look at the Hot Wheels before they went on the sales floor (but could never correctly name "the manager.")

Some would go up to a new employee and say, "You have a box of Hot Wheels in the back, can I take a look at it?" (No you can't. We won't sell these until the Hot Wheels on the shelf are sold).

We would also be setting up a new seasonal aisle, have nothing on the shelves on the entire aisle, have it blocked with carts, boxes, even a pallet, and people just HAD to go down that aisle. Even with signs "This aisle closed for section reset," they'd walk around the sign… then want a discount on the brand new merchandise.





Now I can understand asking a store associate if a certain item is in the back, and just hasn't been put on the sales floor yet. I've done that before. If it's out of stock or its something they can't put out at the moment, I can always come back.

I don't expect them to look through the whole damn truck to find what I am looking for, nor would I ever have the unmitigated gall to go and pop in the back myself. People like that need to work in retail for a while and see why that would be a problem.

Sales Agent Guy

There's no way a manager at my store would let anyone in the back room. Even then we don't have any extra stock or things like that either. If someone were to go back there without permission, I'd sternly tel them they can't be back there.

Same with if they tried to come into the area behind the registers to look at something. It's happened at least once, and I had to tell them they couldn't be back there.

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