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I assume that the prohibition on 'work fluros' refers to fluorescent high-viz vests, shirts, jackets, and suits that are intended to keep outdoor workers from being run over by vehicles.


In this context would "no colours" mean something different than what I think it does? Cause if you're going to prohibit me from wearing a colored shirt, then I don't plan to eat here. Ever.


I think in this case "colours" is "sport team clothes"


I think it might mean gang colours.


Oh, and given that they've spelled "colours" properly, I'm going to assume that this is the UK or elsewhere in the Empire, so "thongs" probably means "flipflops".

Kai Lowell

I'd assume they mean the thong shoe too, not the thong underwear.


UK calls them flip-flops, Australia and New Zealand calls them thongs.

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