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If You Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed in The Morning, You May Need The High Voltage Ejector Bed


From Youtube:

Jul 30, 2015

The Ejector bed is what you need if getting up in the morning is not your thing. Taylors of harrogate asked me to make a wake up device to match their High Voltage coffee so i set about making this wonderful machine which so many of you have requested i build (Like the one that clay inventor with his dog has)







My husband wakes me up for work everyday... Please don't show him this!

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Yeah let's potentially fracture something when trying to get out of bed. Especially bad for people like me, who bruise very easily. "No no, I didn't get mugged, nor did my boyfriend hit me and I'm saying I fell down some stairs. My bed threw me against the wall, that's all."

Bored at the Bookstore

George Jetson!

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