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Inventory Week And Retail Fun


Carolanne grinFrom: FrontPageEveryTime

Not long ago, the clothing store in which I work did our quarterly inventory. Being a small store, we do it all ourselves instead of hiring a third party. The inventory of the store itself takes an entire day, and we do inventory of the stock room the day before. Because of this, we're not allowed to get anything out of the back the day before inventory.

Well, we were told that we didn't have to explain all of this to customers. Simply to say, "We're not allowed back there today," should suffice.

But being sassy little things, a few coworkers and I came up with our own reasons for not going back there. We at first tried to come up with reasons that would be ridiculous, but believable. However, no customers asked why we couldn't go back, so the ideas were just ridiculous. Among them were:

  • The door to the stock room is part of a supporting wall, which has a crack. If we open it, the ceiling could collapse.
  • The sprinkler system malfunctioned, soaking all of the boxes and the clothes inside. Now there's mold and mildew and we need HAZMAT to take them out.
  • We found wasp nests, and we're all allergic to wasps.
  • One of our associates is a werewolf. Tonight is a full moon and he's chained up there for his own safety.
  • The GOP debate is being held back there.
  • It's an EBOLA quarantine zone.
  • We found an old man living back there. When we told him he needed to leave, he muttered something about Pearl Harbor, but that's it.
  • They're filming an episode of Parks & Rec back there.
  • "We're filming a sex tape back there."
  • "Its a one-way portal to another dimension."

I'm sure there were a few more, but it was a few weeks ago during a closing shift and I can't remember them all. We just told them to each other back and forth throughout the night; it kept us going.




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