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Jessii Vee Rants About Annoying Shoppers


From YouTube Jan 6, 2015:  If you've ever worked in retail, this video is for you! I list all of the annoying customers that I've come into contact with. Even if you've never worked in retail, I'm sure you've seen at least of few of these people while you were shopping.




Angela Salinas

I commiserate, really I do, I have worked at: a museum gift shop, a mom and pop fast food place, White House Black Market, La Madeline, Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Barnes and Noble throughout my working life. However, I would like to respectfully say that attitude presented the very first "type" of shopper mentioned in this video upset me so much that I stopped watching. Some people HAVE to drop by the store on their way to other more important things like work, class, school, or child care (which penalizes people pretty steeply for tardiness.) I do believe pretty strongly that "Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part," and OF COURSE no customer should ever tell a service industry worker to "hurry up," but maybe have some empathy for someone who is exhibiting anxiety because they're worried about getting in trouble at work, missing class, or getting their child on time. Also,the polarized glass which keeps your store cool makes EVERYONE look like a creeper when they are trying to assess whether the store is open it's not personal. Off to watch the rest of the video.

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