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For anyone who may not know, there are ZERO laws saying that the price on the tag is what you HAVE to sell it for. I've had this line used on me before and later checked my state and national law. Found zero evidence supporting this "law."

Yes while it is nice for customers to shop at your store and get x desired item for a great price, the retailer does NOT have to sell an item ringing up for $1.50 when you know it's $20, even more so if the item you're scanning is a shirt and it's ringing up with a description of a notebook.

If such a law existed then it'd change the retail game altogether and tag changers and sticker peelers would win while companies lost money. Only time I agree with selling an item not on sale for cheaper than it should be is if there's a lot of that item under a sign or the like. Otherwise if the description doesn't match or I know it's a new item I tell them it's not that special sale price, that it was put in the wrong place or mismarked.

So next time someone wants to throw this "law" in your face just hold strong!

--Finder Queen




fortunately we have a button that can accept any price as long as the custy tells me DURING THE TRANSACTION.

if the custy tells me after the receipt prints it takes an extra 5 steps to fix the price and process a refund.

so the one time i got "this is the wrong price! this is false advertising!" was when a woman was buying Halloween candy and it rung up as 4.99 when the sign said 4.59. She was probably right but i had a line 20 people deep, so there was no way i was about to process a price difference refund for 40 cents.

no, just no.


I had that with this crusty old crusty once. My supervisor had dyslexia, still does I suppose, and sometimes got the numbers mixed up when he was doing reductions. So an item that was supposed to be reduced to £1.70 was processed at 17p by mistake and he missed it because it all looked the same to him unless he concentrated (it was late and he was rushing). So crusty comes up to the till and I question the amount for this item because it was for the next day's date not that day. Also we never reduced anything that drastically. She starts crowing about how it's the price on the label and we HAVE to let her have it: "It's the LAAAW!"

Well I know the law in this country and it is only if it is a reasonable price (which it wasn't) and only at the manager's discretion (which was not going to happen, ever. So I informed of that with the back-up of my supervisor.

Well, she had a temper tantrum. She THREW the basket across the shop and stamped out cursing about how a terrible shop it was and all the staff were idiots. Honestly if she had been my child showing off like that she would have been grounded for a month, some people never grow up.


In Canada there is actually legislation called the Scanning Code of Practice that does require retailers to give an item below $10.00 free if the wrong price rings up and if the item is over $10.00, then they get $10.00 off. The barcode must be the same so if the wrong sign was over the wrong item, the store has no responsibility to honour it.

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I'd just say, "No, it isn't". And stick with that. Hey, if they want to argue, THEY have to explain first. I don't need to do anything.


You didn't look hard enough. Michigan has a scanner law that says that if you charge higher than the marked price, you not only must give back the difference, you have to pay an additional fine of 10 times the difference, up to $5.



Thank you for the post on the Michigan law. I live in Michigan, and that law is often misused, misunderstood, and misquoted.

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