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Carolanne frustratedFrom: Vanyel

I worked food service in an upscale restaurant during my college years. It was a Friday night and so most of the staff was working the late shift. We closed at 10:00 every night.

Anyway we had a party of fifteen people who came in at 8:00. Now we always worked late on the late shift. Close at 10:00 usually leave at 11:00 once everything is clean and put away. This party stayed until midnight.

We closed the kitchen and bar at 11:00. Put up the chairs, mopped the floors, and stopped making any hot beverages and even iced tea. We put the lemons away and locked the freezer. Company policy said we couldn’t leave until all the customers were gone, and we had to clean up the area around them once they left.

They kept asking for water. They couldn’t get anything else since everything that could possibly be used to make food or drinks was put away.

The left over foods from the day had already been put into containers and frozen for pick up by the local homeless shelter the next morning. We even turned the lights off for every other section of the restaurant.

Every one of us, the waiters (the waiters couldn’t leave because of the size of the party and they had to do clean up as well), busboys and kitchen staff excepts the chefs, who could leave, were all out on the floor sitting in chairs watching them talk until they finally left.




Account Deleted

Either they were jerks, inconsiderate or just honestly had no idea how time passed... though I think the signs would've made it obvious.

Sales Agent Guy

Most likely arrogant jerks.

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