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PET43From: tedmchugh

I received an application for a sales/floor position at my hardware store. I couldn't believe what this person had written as to why he left his last job: "I left because I hate Mexicans"!!

At the time, I had two Hispanic employees (one was gay), one from Sweden, one from Ukraine and a couple of "deadheads."

I don't discriminate, plus I feel the more diverse, the better.

So I thought I would have some fun with this bigot.

I called him in for an interview, asked him some questions, then one of my Hispanic employee came over, and that's when I asked the applicant, "So you hate Mexicans?"

His jaw dropped... he couldn't say word... his face was priceless as I ripped his application up and threw it in his face and told him to get the fuck out of my store.




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Ripping up the application was unnecessary.


No, I think it really was necessary. If you don't smack them, they won't learn.

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Being denied a job is bad enough, Tech. (Besides, call me a bitch, but as long as he won't let his hatred for whatever nationality or race interfere with his work performance, he can hate them as much as he wants)


If he wrote a racist statement on his application I'm going to assume that he will demonstrate racist tendencies at work. I think tearing it up was completely necessary. He is an idiot. He wouldn't have worked well with the company anyway.


Yeah, I can't get too upset about bigots being shown the level of contempt they deserve.


If he put he hated Mexicans, or ANYone on his resume then he deserves to have it ripped in front of his face. He is a bigot, he will carry his bigotry into the job and he will use it against anyone he sees not his equal.

How is this hard to understand?


As CopperPenny said, if he was stupid enough to put it on an application, then he would be dumb enough to display it. He can be as much of a bigoted dumbass as he wants as long as he keeps it to himself, but he didn't, and he got what he deserved.

To use one of my now common analogies, he shot himself in the dick and this is the bullethole. Rubbing his nose in it by ripping up the application in front of him tells him WHY he pulled the trigger, and hopefully he will learn from this experience.


You are far too optimistic, TT, you'd have to use a real bullet and I still doubt he'd get it.

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