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Carolanne and jason laughFrom: Late Night Geek

I've got a crazy customer story involving Starscream and myself. We may have seemed crazy to the poor cashier, I assure you we weren't crusties.

A couple years ago, we decided to go to the Red Box Store. It was payday and the day after a holiday. We were hoping to score some half price candy and decorations.

We passed the electronics sections. I noticed a few marked down games for a system I bought the year before. One grabbed my interest and my eyes went for the price marker in the slot it was sitting in. (It was outside the locked cabinets.) I'm not going to post what it exactly said, but let's say it said "Purple Monster Fck." I felt my eyes bug out of my head. I looked around frantically, rechecking the sign a few times before I realized it was missing a vowel.

I sighed and called Starscream over. Her reaction was very similar to mine. We had a good laugh about it.

We did mention it in whispers to our cashier that she should have someone change it so a crusty didn't flip out on a poor cashier. I realize years later that we probably needed to grab the shift supervisor. I wonder if it was ever caught.

May all your customers be sane!

--Late Night Geek



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