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I used to work in a bar/restaurant that opened at 10:00 on Sunday, which was also the point where liquor can be sold legally on Sunday per state law.

We had a regular customer (who undoubtedly knew our hours) come pull and bang on the doors and look in the windows. We opened the door and informed him we would be open at 10:00.

He continued to peer into the windows and we decided we'd try to ignore him.

About five minutes later, this customer comes strolling into the bar/dining area from the kitchen; he went around to the back of the building. The back door was open and he took advantage of the fact that the cooks were bringing in something and figured just walking in was a good plan of action.

We were beyond pissed and told him he had to leave and wasn't allowed in the building until we were open.

He seemed baffled as to why we wouldn't just serve him, since he was already in the building.

I've never seen anyone acting like such a self-important douche before or after.





Account Deleted

"We are not serving you because you are in our shop, outside of our business hours, which makes you an intruder and - legally speaking - are trespassing. We have the right to call the police on you for this."


What the actual fuck? He was on drugs right?


Obtaining entrance to the building was just the test to find out who was really worthy of being served. Places don't really close, and the staff just live there, so they have to make entertainment somehow.

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