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Hello, It's janitorgirl,

After reading stories of managers caving to custys, I felt this was too funny not to send. 

I was taking out the trash in customer service when I saw a man (tall, 20's/30's) return a massive assembled desk. Which he said was missing a crucial screw. 

The coworker I will call M, processes the return- but then the custy asks for something odd. 

"I had to take uber to get there and this is the fault of bullseye AND the manufacturer- so what can you do for compensation?!"

WTF?- M called for the cashier manager (as opposed to store manager) and the cashier manager listened to the story. (He paid $28 for his uber ride.)

Cashier manager-"Do a gift card for $28."

Jaws hit floor. Now grant it, it's a gift card; a promise that he will have to shop at bullseye again, but that was an answer no one expected. 

Cashier manager is a sweet person and considering what I see when I yelp search my store- we need the good press- but that answer was so unexpected me and M were dumbfounded. 

I told this story to all my family members; ask for a manager at my store -and magic happens.

May all your custys be sane and all your managers be fairygodmothers.





Account Deleted

WTF is an uber? Is it, like, an extreme version of a taxi?

Kai Lowell

It is basically like a taxi company, yes. You book a driver to take you places. A lot of cities are trying to ban Uber because it IS basically a taxi company that says it's NOT a taxi company, and they are having a ton of legality problems re: their drivers. There's a lot of stuff on Consumerist if you'd like to find some articles.

Account Deleted

That's stupid. This guy is stupid. I'm not gonna pay him for whatever money he didn't spend in MY store to purchase something. Also... the desk was missing ONE screw. Granted, essential, but maybe look up what kind of screw it is and see if you can purchase it somewhere? Problem solved!


It's not a taxi company. It's an app that connects people who need rides to people who are willing to use their own cars to give people rides for money, and handles the payment. The taxi companies don't like it because THEY have to pay a lot of fees and have their cabs inspected and certified and so on, and the uber drivers don't. Uber only handles connecting people and the money, and the drivers are just J. Random Asshat from the internet.

And yes, that guy is stupid.

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