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Back To School Clothes at a Walmart in Oklahoma


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I'm not one to say "Learn the goddamn language" (though I do encourage learning languages) but if you work in a place where you NEED decent-to-very-good skills in that particular language, then you better have them. Or you don't get the job.

My mother had a co-worker who got a job as an assi in the American law firm they worked at, in a Germany branch. That co-worker COULD NOT speak English. And 99% of the interactions between client and office and among the employees WAS English. (She also had MANY other problems that make me wonder just how the hell she got the job... apparently, a headhunter had something to do with it...)

Assistant Diva

If you listen, it sounds like the kebab lady does speak English. However, I know that there ARE cooks out there in America who do not speak English and that it's easier for some people to just speak to that cook in their native language.

However, since no one has said anything about this, I love the "GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!" STOMP STOMP "GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!" WALKS INTO THE PULL DOOR. SLINKS OUT QUIETLY AFTER HER DRAMATIC EXIT IS RUINED. People make me laugh sometimes.

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The only way this could have been better is with laughter when she went splat into the door.

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