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Awesome custysFrom: TheKevinShow

I work at big box home improvement store customer service desk.

Our desk has a couple of registers. They're capable of running all register functions, meaning we use them for sales, returns and rental contracts. We're on the other side of the store from our main line registers and right next to the front entrance, so we get a lot of people coming up to our desk asking to check out so they can just go out the front door instead of walking down to the main line.

It's really annoying when it's a customer with one small item who is just lazy, but this is not one of those times.

A woman comes up with two small children in tow. She has a paint brush, two paint sample jars, a 5-gallon bucket lid and a metal trash can lid. I start ringing her up and she asks if she can buy the trash can lid separately and I tell her no, we only sell them as a complete unit. Her face sinks and she turns to the older son and apologizes to him since they won't be able to get the metal one. I'm curious and I ask her what she needs them for. It turns out she's making a Captain America costume for her son for Halloween.

Awesome retail slavesA lightbulb immediately goes on in my head and I tell her I'll be right back. The section where the metal trash cans are is outside in garden right near my desk. I go out there and grab the trash can that the lid corresponds to. It's about $16. I bring it back up to my desk and immediately mark it down to zero. I tell her that it's on the house and her face just lights up.

You see, I like to build costumes too. As she walked out of the store with her products in tow, I told her about how I'm building some Ghostbusters props.

She was incredibly happy and that really made my day. The trash can was only $16, so it was well within my discretionary markdown limit. I really hope that the kid's costume turns out well.

God knows it just wouldn't be right for Captain America to have a plastic shield.





Cool. Should have said it'll cost a pic of the completed costume. :)

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