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Karen Meade Ward

Uhmmm.... in what manner is this improper grammar? For those of us who live outside the USA, "potatoes" is the proper plural spelling and "prick" is an action verb meaning "to poke holes with a sharp instrument". Life exists beyond your borders.


Sounds like it was meant to be directed at lack of a comma after potatoes. Like the classic 'Eats, shoots and leaves' but in reverse.

Account Deleted

The grammar itself is fine. If it honestly is merely a lack of comma... I've been exposed to such bad fanfiction lately, where the suethor did not know what a comma was 99% of the time (and the 1% of the time she did use it was in the wrong place) and thought plural means putting 's at the end of it... so, my sense of where commas go is pretty fucked right now. I'm gonna go back and read Stephen King, though he uses 'feel' as a noun, which is wrong.

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