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Gross Custy Hell: "Complications" In The Bathroom


Jason bathroomFrom: PopcornSuttin

I work at a grocery store.

There's a regular who comes in about twice a week. She's overweight, wears a loose night gown and slippers, doesn't shave, has her own electric shopping cart (seat with a medium sized basket in front, on wheels. fun to ride), smells bad, and always brings in her mangy ass poodle in the store (which isn't technically allowed at grocery stores. It doesn't happen that often so I guess it's alright every now and again).

Well one day, she's just cruisin' around and hits up the bathrooms. My department requires me to run all over the store, so I walk by the bathrooms frequently, so I notice her waddling towards the bathroom door.

Some time later, I'm walking by the bathrooms again, and she's just getting out. Thankfully, there was another employee (bakery dept.) walking right past the bathroom doors to go the the back room, because she tells him there were some complications in there, and that somebody had to clean it up.

With a look of confusion on his face, he peeks through the slightly ajar door. Confusion face turns into NOPE face, and he says he'll be back.

An hour later, out on a smoke break, my assistant manager tells how he got stuck cleaning human feces off the floor for an hour.




Angela Salinas

Gross and something no one who is paid retail wages should have to put up with...but a little fat-shamey, no?

Account Deleted

Angela, eh... if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you can call it a duck.

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