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Important Tip For Men Who Are Seeking Jobs


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My name is Nubs. I have a short and sweet memo to all of you male jobseekers. 
Clothing makes the man. 
My boss very badly wants to give you a job. We are short staffed in two departments. So when you come in wearing your uniform from your current job, ripped, torn, stained clothing. He gets disheartened as he only invites people to interview who has a chance. Please at the very least wipe the worst of the muck of your trainers, pick out a clean untorn pair of blue jeans, and invest in a 5 dollar PLAIN polo shirt from wally world. It makes a world of difference.
p.s.  To the gentleman who interviewed yesterday. We all have our outside hobbies....but advertising your N****R LYFE FOREVER may have been a bit much, tone it down ok?




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If the boss is honestly that desperate to hire people, he shouldn't give a shit what I'm wearing for an interview and be happy that he gets someone, who'll take any job they can get. (Also, why only men? I'm a woman, I've been known to - accidentally - go into an interview with, like, a stain on my shirt. Mostly cause I honestly didn't notice the stain there before I left)


Because it is a sales position that involves anywhere from 10k to 90k in one go so appearance is important. Also i say men because that is what 95% of our applications for sales are. The women i see come in with nice blouses and such already because they know what to expect in a high end salesperson job.


I wouldn't hire someone who came in to interview without making at least a modicum of effort because you know that someone who can't be bothered to try to make a decent first impression isn't likely to try making a decent second impression - ie. doing a good job.


We are also right down the road from one of those retirement communities that only 55+ people with more money than they could spend live. I have had people complain about my captive ball earrings as being inappropriate so impression is everything.


If I was interviewing someone and they had foul language on their clothing and foul substances on their shoes then there is not a CHANCE in hell that they would get a job for two extremely basic reason: The first is they have no respect for others in a professional situation and the second is they have no respect for themselves in a professional situation.

We're not talking suits but we are talking about representing yourself to the person you hope will hire you.


A polo, some nice slacks and a cheap pair of non-sneaker shoes is all it takes. Even if you are cash strapped all of that comes from Goodwill.


My interview clothes are simple: Muted tones plaid overshirt (greys and blacks, no outlandish colors), clean white t-shirt underneath, a pair of good, black jeans, and a pair of brown boots. Never once have I not gotten the job after an interview. It's so simple to clean up for an interview, it's ridiculous.

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