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Taking The Plunge


Jason well heyFrom: seeseanyawn

I put in a few years at a very popular big box retailer. My store was very close to the local high school, so I was used to the large amount of ridiculousness that would happen daily.

It’s near the end of my shift on the sales floor and I’m helping clean up so that the Zone team doesn’t have so much to do at the end of the night. I’d usually start at the pet aisle, just because it’s easy to make it look neat, with all the big bags of food and kitty litters taking up nearly the entire aisle. That goes easy enough, and I go onto the next aisle over, which is all the cleaning supplies. Now, having to clean the cleaning supplies aisle is redundant enough, but when I turned the corner into the aisle, I was met with a gauntlet of plungers.

Someone had taken all the plungers that we had out, about 20 or so, and stuck them into the ground up and down the aisle. Welp, looks like this is how I’ll be spending the last 30 minutes of my shift.

And that’s literally what I did. I spent the end of my shift pulling and tugging and bending the plungers every which way possible to get them unstuck. Worst part was that my team lead walked by the aisle and saw me working at it, made some comment like “you’re looking a little clogged there”, and walked away.

Yeah thanks for the help.

Also, security was apparently having a good time watching me on the cameras, since they walkied down to me saying, “Hey I think you missed one” repeatedly.

They eventually told me that they went back on the tape and a group of high schoolers had done the deed about an hour before I got there.

Kind of a pointless act but I thought it was kinda funny and harmless at least. Infinitely better than some of the other stuff I've seen the kids pull off, but those are stories for another time...

-- seeseanyawn


Halloween Hell: Working The Seasonal Store


Jason and thenFrom: kkasket

I could go on for days, but I thought I'd make this post (relatively) short and sweet, and just list a few things that have happened during the season working at Halloween stores.

Most of these have to do with being angry that we don't have a bathroom, which we aren't required to, and there is one in a very short walking distance.

  • Adult with 8 year old asked for a bathroom (out of order), proceeded to have the 8 year old stand in an isle, pull down his pants, and piss on the floor in the middle of the store.

  • Pissed in the dressing room

  • Puked in the spare package box in the dressing room (for when a plastic costume package is damaged/ripped, we have spare bags to replace them)

  • A woman with a baby, angry that we didn't have a bathroom (yet again) - proceeded to waltz down the childs costume section, pick one out, lay it out on the floor, and use the costume as a changing station while she changed the infants diaper. When she was done, she put it back in the package, hung it up, and threw the used baby wipes in another isle.

These are worth noting -

  • We had a guy come in and buy a trench coat costume. Came back in later, wearing the trench coat, which was cut up to about the navel. This was all that he was wearing. He was heavily pierced, which I think gave certain areas more momentum as he walked about the store. He stayed for about 20 minutes, casually strolling through the isles, until we figured out what was going on and asked him to leave. He responded with asking if we liked what we saw.
  • The same lady that comes in and tries to steal every year, came in and left, then came back in after only putting a head wrap on, and asked us if we had seen her "twin sister," who was somewhere in the store. Sure lady.

We also have a lot of people try to return items for ridiculous reasons.

  • One person tried on an outfit, got lipstick all over it, then told me that it was dirty/damaged and wanted a discount. I saw the costume before and after she went in (I was working the dressing room at the time) and she didn't even wipe off the makeup she had on that matched it on the costume.

  • A woman called saying that she had purchased a costume THE YEAR BEFORE and that when she took it out of the package this year, it was damaged and she wanted to return it. She even drove up to the store and stayed there for two hours trying to get us to exchange it, and we didn't even carry that costume (and never had).

  • Angry woman trying to return a hat, was so enraged that she threw it and hit the next lady in line, which happened to be an 80 something year old. 10 minutes later, she shows back up to get the hat back.

  • Woman called saying that she bought a costume, tried it on and it was too small, so she ended up ripping the costume to the point where it was unwearable and she wanted a refund for it being defective. She told me this over the phone.

Carolanne baldPickers And Choosers

It was actually common for people to bring two costumes up, and say they liked one thing from each of them and would actually take them out and put them in the other in front of me, saying

'I like this costume, but this mask, so how can we do this?'

'You have to buy both if you want them'

'No no, I only want the mask out of this, so how do we do this?'

Sigh. "...You. Buy. Both. That's how we do this."

The Last Minute Browsers

  • People constantly coming in either as we are locking the doors, or 3 minutes before, and then asking a half hour after we close what time that we do. After telling them, they continue to shop, one time almost two hours. They didn't even buy anything afterwards, saying they didn't want to 'keep us here'.

It would've been worth the wait if you BOUGHT SOMETHING AT THE END.

That particular group came back the next night, at the same exact time.

  • I had to remove a couple from a dressing room at one point because they were messing around - mind you, they were in their mid/late 40's / early 50s, and the dressing room has a shower curtain for a door.