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Creepy ladyFrom: cooltitsmelon

Okay, so this story actually occurred during a register outage.

After I was cussed out by a customer who I wouldn't allow to do a $5 exchange (that we couldn't do because the registers were down) I went to the back to cool off (read: cry a bit.) Within two minutes I was promptly paged back up and this encounter happened:

We're gonna call this customer, a little old lady, Sob Story Lady (SSL for short.)

SSL: [holding a canvas] "Hi, I really need to buy this."

Me: "I'm so sorry but the registers are down. I can gladly hold it for you though."

SSL: "No, you don't understand. My granddaughter needs this for her project for school. She absolutely needs this."

Me: "I'm so sorry. I can call another store and see if they have one we can put on hold for you."

SSL: [starting to tear up] "I don't have time to stop at another store! My daughter is in the hospital and I'm heading there now!!" [Pulls out a wad of bills] "Can't I just give you cash?"

Me: [fully aware I could lose my job for that] "I'm so sorry about your daughter, but there's nothing I can do. I can't take cash; our registers aren't working."

SSL: [crying] "What if I just walk out with it."

Me: "Excuse me? Ma'am I can't let you do that."

SSL: "What would you do if I just walked out with this right now?"

Me: "That's shoplifting. I'd have to call security."

SSL: "Fine. Fine!" [throws down canvas and leaves]

Damien annoyedSorry if it sounds kind of scripted. This happened more than a year ago and my memory from that day is super foggy and I'm heavily paraphrasing.

Keep in mind that she also pulled this with me even though she was present in line during a previous lady's screaming fest at me.

I mean, if your daughter was in the hospital and you needed something that bad for her project but you absolutely didn't have time to stop at another store (where I worked we have another store less than ten minutes away) than I am almost positive her teacher would have understood and given her extra time!




Account Deleted

Not to mention, it's contradictory. She has a project with an apparently imminent deadline, but she's in the hospital. I know you have nothing to do in a hospital, but this is just stupid. And yes, any teacher would give someone another few days to hand in an assignment late if they were in the hospital. (If this was an assignment that was super important. If it was a regular assignment that doesn't matter all too much, whatever)


Hmm... I wonder if there is a mistake in there. It says the canvas is needed by the granddaughter but that the daughter is in the hospital but at the end it implies that the daughter in the hospital is who needs the canvas. Which is it? Cause if the student is the hospitalized daughter then the school almost certainly WILL either waive the assignment or grant an extension. If the student is the granddaughter and the student's mother (the SSL's daughter) is the one in the hospital then there is a fair chance that an extension can be granted but no guarantee. Some teachers are just that evil.

Of course I wouldn't put it past a customer to be making things up in an effort to illicit sympathy to garner the desired response (IE that the OP sell or give the canvas to her).

Kaysie Rodman

Not contradictory, her DAUGHTER is in the hospital, her GRANDDAUGHTER has a school project. I'm not saying this is an excuse for her obviously bad behavior, but the lie isn't as obvious as her saying that a teacher is demanding work from a kid in the hospital.

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