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Sexism In The Workplace: Piercings And Boobs? Go Away!


Carolanne and jason laughFrom: SpanishSweetie

I work in a big city that is very culturally diverse. I also happen to work at an electronics store that sells computers. I also happen to be a woman who has piercings. While this is not a big deal in my store (we're encouraged to be individuals. It helps us connect with customers) it is occasionally a huge issue with my customers.

I had a very conservative older man in the other day who was looking for help finding a Desktop. We've been slammed lately because everyone is getting tax returns back and I had a few customers stacked.

I went up to him and said something along the lines of "Hi, I'm so sorry but all my associates are busy right now. As soon as one of us frees up we can be over to help you guys out. It'll only be about five minutes at this point."

He looks right at me and says, "If I wanted some STUPID GIRL who is dumb enough to MUTILATE her body with gross rings (note, only one of my piercings is visible at work) I would have asked for you."

Okay, ouch right? Whatever, I'm used to it.

Freddy Fuck youSo I went to my Home Theater department and grabbed one of my guy friends (I'll call him A) who works in that department and told him I needed help with a customer. He then asks Old Dude if he needs help and old dude happily tells him about why he needs a new computer.

A said something along the lines of, "Well, actually know nothing about computers but SpanishSweetie over there can help you."

To which I replied, "Oh no I can't, I'm too stupid and girly for this. You got it A."

Of course old dude asked to speak to a supervisor. Who happens to be female. He then demanded to talk to my manager who is also a female.

After hearing the whole story, my manager kicks him out because he was being a dickbutt and harassing female staff.




Account Deleted

Supervisor's a woman, manager is a woman, owner of that particular store is a woman, the board of the company that owns this hardware store chain is full of women - I bet they all have piercings, too. I can understand being conservative, but keep your mouth shut about it. Especially if the not-conservative person is there to help you. (Dunno if the nurse would be all that happy to help you, if you talked like that to her in the hospital)

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