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Sexism In The Workplace: Sexist Custy Didn't Expect The Answer He Got


PET21From: gertyorkes

I'll keep this short and sweet because it was.

So I'm doing end of the night cleaning and work, scrub-a-dub-dubbing bin lids and such when an old white dude comes strolling into the store. You've probably encountered this particular breed of person: the kind who keeps cracking unfunny jokes and doesn't realize or care that people are trying to work.

He comes up to me - not because he needed anything, but because he needed an audience - and notices me cleaning. The following happened.

Old Dude: Wow, you're gonna make some guy a great wife one day!

Me: ...Or some woman.

The guy blinks at me in confusion, then shock, then turns to my fellow cashier and repeats what I've just said since it needs two people for maximum comprehension. He then walks away to do old man things like buy licorice, still looking rather taken aback.

Full disclosure: I identify as bisexual. That was the first time I've ever told anyone.




Account Deleted

Eh, decent comeback. Falls a bit flat, but hey. Sometimes, elaborated comebacks take too much time (and too many fucks) to give.


Good for you! It's always scary, but especially the first time!

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