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Account Deleted

Why is the AIDS ribbon orange and not red?


Looks like ribbons are used for a whole bunch of things depending on their colour. Mind you, I never knew there was one for AIDS - the only one I was familiar with was pink for breast cancer prior to this.


Just get two smaller cars to box them in, then sit back and wait...

Account Deleted

Bookboy, that makes sense. I just mostly know this ribbon in red for AIDS. I know breast cancer is pink, but off the top of my head, I can't recall seeing it used with that ribbon.


GN, could be sun-faded. I see a lot of those around here... they may start out AIDS red, but end up lung cancer white after the sun gets to them.

These are all pretty pointless anyway. It's the car equivalent of changing your bookface icon. Lets people feel like they've done something while expending no effort at all...

Kaysie Rodman

Yellow ribbon indicates support for our military troops. To me it looks yellow, not orange, but it could be monitor settings as well.

Kaysie Rodman

Sorry, I should have specified, in the US, yellow ribbon indicates support for our military troops.

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