When You Go Shopping on Black Friday But Forget the Stroller
These People Get It!

Black Friday Bullseye Diary: What It's Like To Work From 10pm to 7am on Thanksgiving Day Night - Tripping on Caffeine and Lack of Sleep



Hello, It's JanitorGirl.
This is my 3rd black friday. First year I was 4 am-1 (crazy exhausted all day, but not sleepy), 2nd was 5-midnight (by midnight I was yawning so much my eyes were watering), so when I was offered 10pm-7am, I thought -why not? 
Here is my surreal day. Despite by best efforts I woke up at 9 am. I did thanksgiving dinner (at 5 pm), I was too comfortable, I was feeling sleepy, so in less then 2 hours I downed 4 cups of coffe and 6 cups of black tea. At 10, me and my husband (he was going shopping) went to Bullseye and suddenly my energy lifted; I felt like I could fly.
Not only that, the managers were 2 of my favorites RVB manager (we only ever talk about the web series Red vs Blue) and Scarf manager (who always wears colorful scarfs and treats everyone like a younger sibling.)
10pm-3am-I am knocking out all the trash, bathroom cleaning, and everything else the 5pm-1030pm people did not have a chance to get to. There are little to no crowds, so I can also get carts. And to top it all off, the staff meal is from my favorite restaurants. 
meal at 3-330- after 3:30 I was suddenly sinking. I had no less then 5 people ask "Are you open?" 
Me- "Yes we are open 24 hours."
Custy-"But there's no one here."
The last one I could not long hold my tongue- 
NOV4"Well coporate thought it was a good idea." is said, laughing like a comic book villain.
4-5am, there is so much to do, and no one else doing it. I had hoped we would have the night time  (contractor crew) janitors but no such luck, so it was all me. I jumped from task to task, untill...
6- RVB manager said something that, in my sleep deprived state almost made me hate him. 
RVB-"Since we don't have night crew to buff the floors, I think it would be a good idea for you to sweep the entirety of the first floor."
Me-"But that will not get rid of the scraps and track marks"
RVB-"But it will get rid of the trash."
Fine at least he didn't ask me to do both floors. 
6-6:45- I'm starting to loose it. I'm seeing things that are not there, floor patterns looks like creatures, stacks of reshop looks like hunched over bodies. I have to rest every 100 feet, to keep my balance. This feels worse then any hangover. I make it a point to talk to other co-workers; some have it worse, at least I end at 7, some have to wait until 8 or 9. I tell them what I learned in the military; take it one hour at a time. If you can survive until 7, you can survive until 8, etc.
Now I'm paged to the Cafe. I get on the radio "RVB, copy RVB?"
RVB- "Go for RVB"
me-"I finished the first floor, I'm going to clear the cafe then I'm going home."- there would be no question of where I was, no adding a random additional task.
RVB- "Copy that, thanks (cashier manager who was not in the building), er ...I mean (Janitor girl)"- he seriously called me by the cashier manager's name.
Overnight shift is like falling down a rabbit hole, exciting, crazy, etc.
Pretty sure I will never volunteer for that shift again. I gives thanks to all overnight retail warriors- you are a rare breed.



Account Deleted

You clearly were losing it, you misspelled it, after all. =P
You know, I do wonder, why WOULD corporate think being open during the night on Thanksgiving would be good for sales? Even if I were to celebrate Thanksgiving happily, I doubt I'd want to go out and shop for stuff, after eating. Or even at 3 AM. Unless I have a good reason to being awake at 3 AM (it's a new moon night, so I have difficulty sleeping; reading an interesting story) I will most likely only think of sleeping at that point and damn any sales going on.

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