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Cashier Hell: Three Things That Will Piss A Cashier Off


CASHIER-HELLFrom: recapthenrelapse

  1. Talking on your cellphone whilst trying to check out. - This is just fucking rude. I'm sitting here trying to do my job, and tell you how much your transaction is going to be, asking if you want credit or debit, and you just hold up your finger signaling to me that you would like to finish your phone conversation first. Fuck that. Also the people behind you don't appreciate it either. I promise.

  2. Cutting them off while they are trying to tell you about a promotion or are asking you to sign up for a rewards card. - Listen, do you think I want to ask EVERY SINGLE customer I get to sign up for this bullshit card? No. I don't care about the card. I couldn't give a rat’s ass if you sign up for it; just let me finish my fucking sentence. It's just common decency.

  3. Trying to blame a company policy on the cashier/anyotherhourly. - We most likely agree with you that the prices of the shit we sell are too high. We can't do anything about it. I also think that the week-long return policy is ridiculous, but I still can't take your broken shit back. Stop yelling at me.




Account Deleted

I admit, I was on the phone while with an employee once, at a library. I felt bad about it after and make sure to not let that repeat itself. As for people in front of me talking on their phones... doesn't bother me. Especially if it's in a loud voice and talking about something super personal, I just want to chime in and give my opinion. Or say something that gets them into trouble with the person they're talking to.


I did that once in a restaurant... goober with 'cell yell', back when cellphones were somewhat rare. Instead of holding it next to your head like a non-dumbass, he was holding it at arm's length with the volume WAY up so everybody could see how cool he was for having a cellphone.

I started joining in the conversation, and after a minute he turns around and says 'This is a PRIVATE conversation!'. Two tables on the other side said 'No it's not.'.

One order of STFU to go, order up!

Ash Do Right

If I'm in line behind someone who is being loud and obnoxious I'll pretend they're speaking to me and start responding to everything they say...I have a friend who'll pull out a little notebook and stare at them intensely while scribbling notes after everything they say, he'll even repeat some of what they say while he's doing it...quite funny actually...

Sales Agent Guy

I should compile a Rules of Retail Engagement list for this site!

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