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CrustyFleabite here and I’m so fucking sick of people. An older couple came in last week and saw something that they wanted for their grandson, but they didn’t buy it. I told them that I can hold it for them, they said "No, we'll be back Sunday." Well I sold the thing yesterday (after Sunday came and went) to someone else. Just now they came back:

Old Fart 1: “Where is <item>? Why did you sell it, you knew we were coming back!”

Me (in my head): Do you have any idea how many people say that they’re coming back, and don’t. (Hint it like 90% if not more).

Me (out loud): "I'm sorry but, you didn't want me to hold it for you so it was still up for sale and I sold it."

Old Fart 2: "We said we were coming back, are you saying that we're liars?"

Me: "No. I simply said it was still up for sale, because you didn't have it held."

Old Fart 1: "It's stupid that we have to give private information for a <less than $10 item>!"

Old Fart 2: "If this is how your going to treat your Good, Paying Customers,(yes I heard the capital letters) we are never coming back!"

Old Fart 1 and 2 go off grumping and bitching.

Me (in my head): You didn't pay to begin with.




Account Deleted

What private information? Your name? I dunno, maybe your store is different, but - for example - when I want to get something from Gamestop or other stores and ask them to please hold something for a few hours or a day, all they want is my name. Which is not such private information, that it would offend me.


They could have thought that by "hold", you meant something like layaway, in which they'd have to pay extra.

In any case, if someone declines putting something on hold at my work, especially if it's something we can't get back in or get from another store, I always caution them that I can't guarantee it will be there when they return. Just extra insurance in case they make a fuss, I can remind them that I told them I couldn't guarantee it.


Sorry I should have been clearer on this, to have something held I need :
1: your name
2: your phone number
and that's it. That's what they threw a shit fit over.

Account Deleted

Fleabite, that's... standard for holding things. Idiots throwing shit-fits over what is expected. Just a name and a number, in case of needed contact. The note with it will be thrown away later. (What would even be the point of holding onto it?)

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