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Carolanne argh 3From: P23asswordsarestupid

I've been at a Retail Emporium for years. Which is years too long to be working at such a place, but anyway.

I have so many customer stories at this point that it's just ridiculous... But once, it blew my mind.

So one time, I'm putting carts away. I'm wearing a Company issued polo shirt with a Retail Emporium logo, black dress pants, name tag with my name, Retail Emporium logo, and __ years of service all printed on it.

A girl walks up to me and looks me up and down. Reads my name tag. Sounds out my name off of my name tag. Then looks me in the face and says "Oh, you don't work here," and walks back out the door.

I just...I just can't even.




Account Deleted

Maybe she was looking for an employee from a different store?

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