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Xmas2009 016From: mrtomhanks

It was Christmas Even and I was cleaning in the Supermarket's deli. I overheard this conversation between the Deli worker and a customer:

(C = Customer, DW = Deli worker)

C: "Excuse me, do you have any Christmas hams?"

DW: "I'm sorry, we sold out this morning. It's been busy."

C: "What? I need that ham!"

DW: "They were very popular."

C: "But it is impossible to run out of Christmas hams on Christmas eve!"

DW: "............But we did run out." [facepalms]

C: "Can you get some more in for me??"

DW: "There is a supply coming in on Boxing Day."

Xmas2009 030C: "Boxing day? I need it for tomorrow!!!! Isn't there some coming tomorrow?????"

DW: "The store is closed tomor-"


DW: "The store closes in 5 minutes. There is no ham. If you continue to yell at me, I'll have security escort you out of the store!"

C: "YOU CAN'T DO THA-....."



Gee, I didn't know our hams were that good....





I'd say running out of Christmas hams on Christmas Eve means that their inventory clerk ordered exactly the correct number of hams...


Ah, a crusty fell prey to the 7Ps
Problems Promoted Per Piss Poor Prior Planning.

Also, if you held up a mirror and told them it was that person's fault, would they attack it like a buggie?


turkeys's the day before thanksgiving, Christmas trees the day before christmas, Halloween costumes the day before Halloween--why do people think it is ok to shop for the main component of a holiday the DAY BEFORE said holiday?!!
and why are they always surprised when we are sold out....

Account Deleted

InSecurity, knowing them, they might act like some cats or toddlers do to their reflection: tap at it and then look behind it, to look for that other self.

Also, gee, I dunno, maybe you should have ordered one or, say, gone out to buy one earlier?

TaTa Ria

"I wanted my Christmas ham to be FRESH!" Lady, those hams have been around since Halloween.

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