Craft Store Hell: "I'm Looking For Crafts"
Old People Hell: Seattle Police Pull Over 73 Year-Old Man Because His Lights Weren't On and He Decides To Snort Coke in Front of the Officer


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No, can't find the thief. I think I found Waldo, though.


I don't know if it's possible that that is something other than a security tag.

Once when I was a teenager my mother bought me a dress and when we got home we found the security tag that they forgot to remove. We had to bring it back and have them take it off. When we left the alarm never went off but it did when we came back in.

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hanyo, reminds me of a time when I bought something at a store and the alarm went off as I left. They had removed all the tags, so it made no sense for it to go off. (I didn't stop, I kept walking - if they want to stop me in the middle of the mall, fine) It hasn't happened with that store in quite some time, but I am still uneasy when entering.

Nanny McSpazz

I've bought underwear before and the cashiers have forgotten to remove the tags. Didn't set the alarms off though.


It's one thing to walk out of a store with a garment in a bag which still has the tag on. It's another thing to wear the garment! Those things are heavy - you'd notice. Mind you, a shoplifter ought to notice too ...

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