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9 Behaviors That Make You Look Dumber Than You Really Are


From Business Insider

You're probably a pretty intelligent person. But you could very well be acting in ways that make you look like a complete idiot.

To help you create the best impression possible among coworkers and clients, we rounded up nine common behaviors that outside observers may associate with low intelligence.

Chances are you've been guilty of at least one, without knowing that it could be hurting your reputation.


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#4, Yeah, that's not happening. I have long legs, I walk at a certain pace, so I guess I'm less intelligent, oh well. XP


Same here. I got hit by a car about 30 years ago, and my whole right leg was rekt, so I tend to walk somewhat slower than most people unless I'm making an effort, because it hurts.

And #5; I think of myself as a tiger, and to most cats, direct eye contact is a threat. Probably has something to do with being an introverted asocial, too.


Number 9 was an issue for a long time in my case. In school, I always got picked on if I asked a question or was confused (kids are assholes), so I was conditioned to just solve whatever the issue was myself.

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