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Bad Retail Slaves: Caught In A Sting


Freddy face patFrom: Meggarea

When I was 18, I worked for this chain restaurant, as a server. There was this bartender there, Ron, who was a total weenie. He was about 25, and his goal in life was to sleep with all the teenage waitresses he saw. This being a shit job with a high turnover, he likely had a few STDs.

Obviously, I had no interest in sleeping with this guy, and when he hit on me early into my employment, I made this extremely clear. I think the term "Eww" was used. This, of course, gave him free reign to make my drinks slowly, and generally be a big old douche. I really disliked this guy. Working with him was the worst, especially on a weekend.

The downfall of this guy was the way he also hit on young girls at the bar. It was obvious he would pour their drinks strong, and try to keep them there as long as he could, in hopes of scoring. All the servers knew he was selling to underage girls in order to get into their pants, but we couldn't prove it.

Well, along comes one Saturday night. We're slammed, there are people everywhere, the bar is jumping. I had to go over there a few times, and at one point notice these two girls walk over to the bar. Smoking hot, but obviously 18 or 19 at best.

Ron is all over it. He jumps over there, and starts talking to them. I had to go back to my table then, to deliver my drinks, but as I am putting an order into the computer, I see a guy in a suit come in with two uniformed cops. They went straight over to the bar, and put Ron in cuffs. He walked out with his head hung, flanked by two cops, because he got caught in a sting.

It was the greatest thing I ever saw. Many high fives were exchanged that night.




Sales Agent Guy

It's his own damn fault, he deserved it!


Shouldn't have been a douche-y creep. Sweet justice!

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