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Coworker hellFrom: Gruntr

Had a relatively shitty time working minimum wage on a public holiday, recently. Now it wasn't the customers being assholes. No. I mean, that's what you would expect, right?

It was the hothead that works in the back area, she comes up because there aren't nearly enough people working at the front for such a busy day. Now we get along just fine, as you would expect between two people working in the same store.

Then it happens.

She goes demon-mode as I'm handing a customer his change. In an attempt to grab the money required in said exchange she blocks me off and gives me this... look. It's the kind of look that says "what the hell are you looking at?" You know the kind. I can't do much so I sort of just wait until she gets out of the way, I suppose I'm at fault for waiting the ten seconds for her to move.

So she turns to me when I ask her to hand me a $20 note while she's grabbing a few. She obviously takes this the wrong way and literally begins berating me within a hearing distance of the whole store. Everyone turns to see this guy get screamed at by a 24 year old half his size.

So what do I do? I sit there and just let her do it, but I tell you, It seriously sucks having that stigma of "fuck up" over your head, even if you didn't do anything remotely appropriate of a verbal ass-kicking from someone who worked there longer than you had.




Former Grocery Slave

What? That doesn't make any sense

Sales Agent Guy

I hope the bitch got in trouble.


"Bitch, get the fuck out of my face." Is what I would've said.

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