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Jason chainsawFrom: ginabeena

I have this one co-worker who is from Ukraine so there are some things she won't quite grasp, but she's been working there for 8 years and I've only been working there for about 8 months. There are other workers that moved here from other countries that haven't been here as long as I have and they know waaaaay more than she does.

Anyway, I worked for about 5 months then had to get surgery and was out for about 3.5 months and when I came back, every single day for like a week she would ask how long I've been working. Conversations repeat thus:

I would say, "I started in February but--"

Her: "How come I haven't seen you before?"

Me: "I had surgery over the summer but--"

Her: "I don't remember you."

Me: "We worked together pretty much everyday for a--"

Her: "Is this your first day?"

I just gave up.

Then she would call me and others over, "How do I type in $100.00?"

Me: "You type 10000 cash."

Carolanne facepalmHer: "I don't get it."

Me: "You type 100.00 without the decimal."

Her: "What's a decimal?"

Me: "It's like a period."

Her: "A period is in a sentence though."

And then last week, I was working the self check outs which have a phone and certain registers have a phone and she called me, "Can you check what time my 15 minute break is?"

So I walked over to the board, found it, told her.

"Oh okay thanks."

2 minutes later, she calls again, "Can you find James (supervisor) and ask what he wants me to do after I come back from my 15 minute break?"

And then later that night, one of the other supervisors was talking about how when they first started, the girl kept telling the manager that the supervisor was being mean to her (even though they worked together like once and that supervisor didn't really know who she was yet), so they had a meeting.

The supervisor was like, "I don't even think we worked more than an hour together. How was I mean to you?"

She said "I thought you were mad at me."






Somebody needs to be shown the door.


...8 years and she doesn't know how to enter tender? Somebody needs to be transferred to another department, pronto.


IG, she'd probably have to be led through it and have three people show her how to walk...

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