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From KCCI:

DES MOINES, Iowa —A customer punched a Hobby Lobby store manager Thursday in a dispute over an exchange card, according to a Des Moines police report.

Police were called to the Hobby Lobby at 1160 East Army Post Road at 5:24 p.m.

Manager Shawn Ashby, 45, said a man was trying to buy several items with an exchange card that the man said had a balance after returning items at a different location. The cashier couldn't get the card to go through and called Ashby over to help.  Ashby told the man he would have to call to get the card activated.

CRAFTAshby said the man became very agitated and yelled at him that he was "stealing from him."

The man grabbed the card and said he would see the manager and employees in the parking lot after their shift before walking out.

Ashby told police he followed the man to see what he was driving. When he opened the door to go outside, Ashby said the man came back and punched him hard in the chest with both fists closed.

A struggle started until a customer passed by and told them to stop. That's when the man got into a black SUV and left.

The man apparently dropped the exchange card at some point and it was left behind, according to the police report.

The manager said his chest was "very sore." He refused a call for paramedics to check him out.

The police report states an arrest warrant has been issued for the charge of assault causing bodily injury.  The case remains under investigation.





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