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OCTOCAROL 308From: Tyrone91

This was a Friday night, during cosmic bowling. I was working everywhere that night. I was working the register, but also helping the Porter clean and help in the snack bar.

We had one group that spilled an entire pitcher of beer around midnight. Like, they had just bought it new. Now, these guys had been there since around 9, and were way too drunk for their own good. The Porter was busy grabbing a bowling ball from their lane that they had thrown too early and hit the pin sweep with, so I went to clean the spill.

I made a mental note to tell the snack bar to cut them off after I cleaned it. Well, I was too late. I went over and asked them to not walk in the beer(because it ruins the shoes and makes the lanes sticky), then one guy went and got another pitcher while I was cleaning. This guy goes to refill their cups, and spills the pitcher all over me.

At this point I'm furious. I finish cleaning off the floor and table, tell them they're done bowling. I go back up front, and shut their lane off. Then told the snack bar to cut them off.

It turns out this was a big mistake. Apparently, they were friends with the owner. He called me 5 minutes later and told me to turn their lane back on and let them keep drinking. Owner seemed to care nothing for the whole legal liability thing about serving obviously drunk patrons.

So it continues. I ended up compromising with him that we would only sell them cups of beer from then on. They ended up spilling two more times. We ended up trashing the shoes and mopping their lane.

They didn't drive, at least. They all took cabs.

Freddy frustrationThey paid us for the shoes later (thanks to the owner hounding them) and we made a ton of money off of their drinking tab since we had no intention of letting those spilled pitchers go free. The thing is, they hadn't actually had a lot on our property. They had just had a lot to drink before coming in, then proceeded to spill most of their new drinks everywhere. 

So, we finally leave at 2 AM.

Now, there's a bar right across the street, so cops like to pull over people for random alcohol checks. Of course, I got pulled over. I pulled into a bank parking lot, and the cop pulled over on the street outside the parking lot, for some reason. The cop walks up to me, and asks for license and ID, all that. I reek of the beer that has been spilled on me, so I already know this is going to suck.

He comes back and asks me if I've been drinking. Of course not, but because I reek, he's not going to just believe my story of what happened at work.

After numerous tests, he eventually hands me back my stuff.

I turn my car back on, and he starts walking back to his own car. Before he can get there, it gets hit by a drunk driver... who keeps going. He leaps into his (now rather battered) patrol car, lights up and goes tearing off.

I finally got home, three hours after we closed.




Sales Agent Guy

I hate people who abuse being friends with the owners to get away with shit!


If you were even remotely on fair terms with the owner I might have told him he could babysit his own damn friends for the evening. At least he got on their rears to reimburse for the shoes they destroyed.

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