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Drunk Custy Encounters: Gas Station Potty Snooze


OCTOCAROL 311From: GreenEyedDemon

This just happened about a few hours ago, still at work. I work at a gas station just off the highway and just down the road from a small 'town' and bar.

Around 2:30, a regular of ours comes in, and is stumbling to the register, stabilizing himself with the stand and shelves. He gives me $10 to prepay for gas. I ask him which pump, he mumbles and slurs and I can't understand him. I look out and there's no cars at the pumps; his SUV is in front of the store.

I ask if he's at a pump and he says pump 1, so I prepay $10 on 1 and watch him go. Of course, he goes to the wrong pump. I move the prepay to that pump and he drives off without pumping his gas. I stop the pump and keep his $10 on the register in case he comes back.

Five minutes later he drives back, again to the wrong pump.

I set him and he comes in and goes to the bathroom. At this point, I'm debating on calling the cops because he seemed pretty gone. I was gonna wait until he came out of the bathroom so I could know for sure. I wait and wait, and 40 minutes pass and he's still in the bathroom and his car is still at the pumps.

I go in the bathroom and he's in the stall just sitting there.

Lo and behold, a minute after that, a cop walks in. I tell him I think the guy's drunk; he's been in the bathroom for 45 minutes and he's stumbling and slurring. The cop calls for the DUI patrol and by the time he gets here, the dude has been in there an hour. They go in, and get him out and bring him outside.

I wasn't there to see it, but the cop came back in for me to write a statement and said that he failed the DUI test horribly and he's going to jail for the night. A tow truck will come for the SUV.

He said the guy was asleep on the toilet when they got in the stall.




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Honestly, better asleep on the potty than behind the wheel! By getting the cops involved, you may well have saved some innocent person's life - like mine, or my kids', or grandkids'.

Thank you, GreenEyedDemon!

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