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Coworkers From Hell: Screaming On The Sales Floor

Dumbass Custys: "Where Is Your Online Section?"


Dumbass 3From: RHUer

Customer: "Where is your Online Section?"

Me: "Uh, what?"

Customer: "Your Online Section! I know you're having an Online Deals sale today, and I want to look around a bit before I buy."

Cue Stupidest Thing I Ever Heard moment.

Me: "I'm... I'm afraid our online section is only located online."

Customer: "Yeah, so point me in the right direction."

Me: "...Online. As in, on the computer."

Customer: "Look, I dove here to get the Online Deals. Are you or are you not [Store] and are you or are you not running an Online Deals sale?"

Me: "...Not at this location, sir. And I'm pretty sure our other locations nearby aren't either. I recommend you go to our website, where you can get the deals you want."

Coworker, after the guy leaves: "I've been working here for ten years, and that was a first for me..."




Sales Agent Guy

Another seen it all moment.


I wish it was legal to throat punch custys like this.

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