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Carolanne fuck you doubleFrom: Blazax

This wasn't me, it was my teacher at my high school.

I went to a small private school, I'm talking 500 kids kindergarten-12th grade. The teachers were really cool and caring for the students success. Because of how small the classes were, it was easier for them to connect and ensure everyone does well.

Well there were two teachers that the whole school knew to be everyone's favorite, even though they only taught 11th/12th grade. One of these teachers, we will call him Mr. F, was slightly known to be better than the other.

On the last day of school, we always had an assembly with the whole school and parents to give out awards and for teachers to be announced for the next year, and for those leaving to say goodbye.

Now the headmaster was known to be a giant dick. Everyone just disliked him, and nobody really knew how the board works or who they are, so all their decisions are represented by the headmaster.

This past year, they decided to not renew the contract of this favorite teacher for whatever reason. So when the headmaster announced he will not be coming back, there were loud "awwwws" from the audience.

He asked if Mr. F wanted to come up to give a last word, and he says yes.

He goes up and he says, "I had not been notified until this morning, that my contract has not been renewed. This decision is one that will negatively impact both me and my family thanks to headmaster M. So to all of you students, work hard. And to you M..." [drops the mic and flips him off with both hands and walks off the stage] 

The cheers from the students and the parents was deafening.





What an epic teacher. :D


My cynicism says: salary. If he was so well beloved, especially by the younger students who won't have him for years, then he's been teaching there for quite a while. His salary got too large and they waited for the legal opportunity to oust him and hire a fresh teacher with a smaller salary. Could also have been a political thing. Mr F soes dissension by disagreeing with the board or headmaster's policies and practices. That could explain why they waited til the last day of the year to tell him of the non-renewal. Avoid reprisal.

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