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Restaurant hellFrom: vomitous_rectum

I was a server in a really crappy restaurant. It was owned by a husband and wife. The wife was truly in charge and responsible for actually getting most things done. The husband was a hot headed asshole who showed up from time to time to kick the cook out of the kitchen and play chef himself. He was terrible at cooking. His wife did her best to just keep him out of the restaurant altogether, but he was a hot headed asshole and did as he pleased. Luckily he was also lazy and is work so he wasn't there very often.

Anyway, one day on a slow morning when I was the only server, he came in to cook breakfast and was just ruining everything.

He was smoking a cigar in the kitchen, using way too much grease and burning things. Customers would order scrambled eggs and bacon (how hard is that???) and he would give me blackened mystery substances dripping with grease to bring to the table.

I refused.

He screamed at me (within earshot of customers) and told me he was the restaurateur, not me, so I had better do as I was told.

So I took the shit food to the tables, they complained and asked me to replace it while looking at me like they couldn't believe I would have brought it to the table in the first place.

I brought it back to the kitchen and hot head can't believe they didn't want it. He doesn't believe me and yells at me some more.

I am not about to bring the same food out to the table so I refuse and tell him to do it himself. As you can imagine he did not like that very much and he let me know loudly, but he did take it out.

Carolanne fuck you doubleThey gave him the same response they gave me and he shouted at them! He shouted a whole rant at them about how they had no idea what food was and he grew up in Greece where food was an art and he went to school and owned a restaurant and what credentials did they have?? Who were they to question his food? He told them his restaurant was only for people who truly appreciated food and they could just go eat somewhere else.

They did leave, in silence. I think they were too shocked at what had happened to come up with a rebuttal.

When he came back from his incident with them, he told me I was on thin ice and he didn't care for the backtalk I had given him. He said if I don't like the way he runs things, I could just leave.

I was so pissed off I couldn't see straight... I was the only server in the place and he had just told me to leave if I didn't like how he operated. I didn't like how he operated, so I did leave.

He must not have realized that there were no other servers, because I immediately got a voice mail about how it was all a misunderstanding and I should come back because they were busy (how they were busy I don't know) and everything would be all right.

Luckily, I was working two jobs at that time so I had the option of just picking up more hours at the other place. I didn't answer his calls until hours later when the voice mails started sounding really desperate.

All I said was, "I can't talk, because I'm working my other job. I'm not coming back, so stop calling."

I heard from ex-coworkers that his wife came in shortly thereafter, cried uncontrollably, and closed the place for the rest of the day.

That did make me feel bad because she was a nice lady who worked hard and I can only imagine how hard it was to try and run a restaurant with a husband like that.




Sales Agent Guy

I really hope karma bites that guy in the balls. He's got some pretty big ones to do that!


I hope she divorced his ass, he was running her business into the center of the Earth.


"He shouted a whole rant at them about how they had no idea what food was and he grew up in Greece where food was an art and he went to school and owned a restaurant and what credentials did they have?? "

I don't have any credentials, but I can tell when food is burned. Eggs aren't supposed to be black.


Honestly? Sounds like the guy had a specific way that *he* liked to eat food and didn't understand why no one else would like it either. Add in a huge ego with a short temper and there you go.

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