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ESCAPE WORK HELLFrom: undermoonandstar

Looking back, I realize how fucked up this was but at the time, I was just trying to earn a living being a broke college student. Just a warning, this is long and a bit gross biologically-wise.

I was working at a fast food restaurant and had been there for over a year. It was a pretty strict, clockwork method place and although there was no love or compassion there, it gave me 40 hours. Even though it was nice money, I wanted to quit for a while, just never had a reason or an alternative route to go to. Until one night…

I was a closer. Basically a shitty shift but the only thing a full time college student can do. Store would close at 11pm and I’d be out around 11:30. It’s around 10 pm and I’m doing pre-close, minding my own business, when the manager on that we will call A asked me to go clean the bathrooms. I said sure, why not, something I was used to doing. I go into the women’s bathroom and open up the first stall to find it stuff with toilet paper. Now, I’ve seen worse so I just shrug and flush. We had some pretty intense toilets so I figured it would go down.

(This is about to get gross and disturbing, turn back now if you don’t want to know!)

It didn’t. Instead the toilet paper rolled and revealed a massive amount of blood. Like, a crazy amount of clotted and unclotted blood. Being an 18-year-old female I knew that this was way too much blood for a menstrual cycle. My mind going blank, I tried to flush it again when I noticed…pieces. I looked a little closer and realize I was looking at a super tiny hand. Like the littlest hand I’ve ever seen. This was when it hit me that this was something I didn’t want to see. I hightailed my ass out of there and went to the manager.

“A, there is something in the bathroom… I can’t be in there, you have to call the GM.”

Now, the GM of the store was a mega bitch but I figured you kind of have to be a mega bitch to work in a huge corporation like she did. We will call her S.

A on the other hand is the same age as me, having had started working at the store when he was 16 and made his way up to manager. He was a nice guy and someone I considered a friend.

I didn’t realize until A told me to come to back to the break room that I was near tears. Subconsciously I probably realized that what was in the toilet was what it was but it hadn’t quite hit reality yet.

Carolanne omg“Ok, Under, what is in there so I can call S.” A says as he is trying to calm me down.

“I walked in and there was lots of blood and bits and pieces and….” I begin to have to wipe tears from my eyes and I’m still not sure why but I felt stupid for doing it at the time.

He calls the GM while I compose myself in the break room. He comes back a few minutes late and sighs really loudly.

“S said there isn’t anything we can do but flush it.”

I blankly stared at him and was waiting for him to tell me to leave it be till the cleaning crew got there in an hour. He then tells me that I need to go back and flush it. I tried to explain I couldn’t do it and he handed me a box of the cheap blue gloves we used to handle food and walked away.

I then learned two things: This job sucked ass and A was not my friend.

My other two co-workers just stared at me as I walked through the kitchen to the bathrooms. I kept randomly crying and couldn’t figure out why. A was ever so kind enough to put a “Closed for Cleaning” sign up on the door. I walked back in and once again saw this little hand and immediately walked out. I went back to the counter and A asked if it was gone. I asked if I could please use one of the heavy maintenance gloves. He said no. I then pleaded for him to send someone else to do it. My male coworker piped up from the back and said he would do it but A told me to go back and just get it over with. I flushed, and flushed and eventually the toilet paper mass must have broken up for it finally went down the drain. I’m really not sure how long it took but it felt like an eternity.

I stayed silent the rest of the night and the next morning when I woke up I knew that it was the final straw. I called work, told the GM I was done and wasn’t coming in that night to close. She asked why and I told her after last night I couldn’t face that place. She informed me that if I quit without a two-week notice I would be banned from working at any of the stores that bared that name. I was ok with that.

To receive my last paycheck I’d have to turn in my uniform and give a written notice why I quit. I walked in during supper rush and S, the GM, handed me the paper to write. I wrote “I’m quitting because I was forced to flush a late term miscarriage down the toilet.”

S tore it up and handed me another paper and told me to rewrite it. I wrote the same thing.

She told me to stop being silly and I loudly asked why it was wrong to write that they made me flush the miscarriage down the toilet. Yes I did it in front of a crowd and no I didn’t really care.

She was so embarrassed that she handed me my paycheck and walked away. I haven’t been back there since.

I still don’t really understand why I was so upset. I lived on a small farm as a child and was raised around hunters. I saw death and butchering all the time. I guess just seeing something unfamiliar in a very familiar place was just nerve wracking. I now know that it was a pretty late term miscarriage (maybe a home abortion but I try not to think like that), probably around 17 to 18 weeks.

I’m guessing that the person was pretty scared and didn’t know what to do and just left. I like to tell myself she didn’t mean to leave it behind and make me deal with it. Either way, it was a pretty bad time.





Not to criticize or anything and I know you were barely out of your teens and all, but I think you should have called the cops or the hospital when you saw the baby's hand. At least get those idiots you work with in the bathroom after yelling, "There is a dead infant in the bathroom!". I do understand that something like that is a traumatic thing to witness and anyone would be in shock after seeing it. Please don't think I am being too critical and I know it's one of those "you had to be there" situations!


Oh, my poor darling, having to deal with that would be beyond me. I probably, even at your age, would have called the police and asked them what to do, even in the face of being forced to do something like that.

Everything in me rebelled when I was reading what you were forced to do. That was the remains of a human they heartlessly and hideously made you dispose of. It hits you like a ton of bricks to be faced with that. Those people are complete bastards.

My heart absolutely goes out to you and I have only respect that you managed to come out of it in any shape at all. I would have been a puddle on the floor. Even reading it made me tear up. No one should be made to witness that sort of thing unless it's their profession. The cowardly fucks should have done it themselves.

I'm glad you stuck to your guns in writing your quitting letter.


I think those jerks should have paid for a funeral for this innocent baby! These people have no respect for a human life and to make a girl barely on the cusp of womanhood dispose of a dead body is wrong! There are people out there whose job it is to clean up human remains and they should have been called. I hope if you needed it you had therapy after this experience!


It is very rare that I read something one the internet that makes me cry. This story really upset me.

I am so, so sorry you went through this traumatizing experience. My heart goes out to you and I want to wrap you up in the biggest of hugs. I am not surprised that you are still upset by this -- though I think "upset" is an understatement. The correct word is more likely "traumatized."

My partner is a highranking first responder who has many times had to deal with dead bodies and various gruesome situations. When I told him your story, he looked horrified and furious, and said to let you know that if any of his crews were to encounter such a situation as you did, they would immediately be put through PTSD treatment. These people are professionally trained in dealing with all kinds of horror-movie-type gruesome situations including all manner of maimed and killed bodies, and even they will be traumatized by such a situation. It is wellknown within their industry that any incident involving children, babies, or fetuses is exponentially more traumatic than anything involving just adults. So the fact that you were upset by this, and are probably likely still upset by it, does not surprise me.

Of course you didn't call 911 -- from your description of your actions and emotions, it sounds like you were in shock. I'm not talking "shocked', like 'ZOMG WTF' -- I mean actual medical shock, which results from being exposed to a physical or psychological trauma that is so intense that the mind and/or body kinda misfires like a short-circuited fuse. Of course you weren't thinking clearly -- of course you were randomly crying. That's a normal response -- but the fact that you had to deal with that situation in the first place is neither normal, or acceptable -- or even legal.

This is part of the reason why your supervisors should have called 911 immediately -- not just so you didn't have to deal with the yuckiness, or even because first responders would follow all the proper legal procedures in dealing with an abandoned fetus, but also because it is part of first response protocol to instigate post-traumatic care for anyone affected -- in this case, including yourself.

When it comes to how we psychologically and emotionally respond to icky things, a dead fetus is *not* the same as a stillborn calf or a gruesome roadkill. My better half is steel-spined in dealing with all manner of horrific things (people injured in car accidents, housefires, industrial accidents, etc) -- but he still has nightmares years later about a certain car accident that involved small children.

I do not know the employment laws in your area, but here in Canada psychological injury due to a traumatic experience in the workplace is covered by Worker's Compensation. And I don't know when this incident happened, but if it was anytime in the last few years, I highly recommend reporting it to whatever "employment law" higher governing group there is, and ask what resources are available to you. You may want to get a lawyer. This situation is no different than if, say, your bosses had forced you to do a task that resulted in your leg being broken, then you quit because you couldn't stand up, and they did nothing to compensate you or apologize or acknowledge their errors but instead treated you like crap.

Above all, I strongly recommend seeking psychological help. Not because I think you're weak or broken or anything -- because as the wife of a first responder, I know all too well how such incidents affect even the most well-trained professional. My guy goes to a shrink monthly to deal with such stressors. Don't brush it off and think you've just "gotten over it" or "it'll be fine."

And your store manager should have simply told A to call 911. A store manager is not trained in dealing with such biohazards, the legalities of disposing of a body, or the medical ramifications of there being some woman out there who could be hemorrhaging to death (miscarriages aren't as "tidy" or harmless as a sneeze) -- but they should know that if they encounter a situation that they haven't received training on, they should call someone who *can* deal with it. "A" at least knew to call the boss. She in turn should have known to call the authorities, rather than insisting an 18-year-old deal with it.

I want to emphasize that you did nothing wrong. You were in shock. You were forced into a situation that would be horrific to even a trained professional. You did something very admirable and necessary -- quit immediately, and stuck to your guns in stating your reason for leaving. I applaud the fact that you stated it loudly while within earshot of customers!

I cannot emphasize how important it is that you take care of yourself and allow yourself to be angry, upset, sad, whatever, when thinking about this incident, even if it has been a long time since it happened. That's normal, and expected. *biggest hugs*


Queen of Crows, I agree with you one million percent! I did a case study about PTSD and it is nothing to mess around with. People who suffer from that due to trauma can develop high BP, drinking problems, anemia and a host of other health problems. I do think calling 911 should have been the first thing done so the paramedics can look for a woman bleeding like mad after tending to this baby boy or girl. I admire your partner for putting his life on the line to help the injured and dying, Queen!

Tech Support Survivor

I want to comment... but words escape me. Perhaps I just cannot fathom it. I do hope you get some therapy or counseling.

It's easy to say in hindsight shoulda, coulda, woulda. 911, refusing to do anything. Calling your parents (at 34 years of age I still call my mom when I just don't know what to do).

I also hope whoever the poor mother was got some help. I have never been pregnant, but I have had... other issues that caused me to hemorrhage uncontrollably. I remember being terrified and going to the ER. I realize how bad things can go for this poor girl.

Take care of yourself under.


I hope karma is waiting for these heartless fuckers with massive bitch slaps and they feel what you felt, and suffer.


As cliche as it sounds, "What goes around comes around!"

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